Designer Solutions

At Starlite, we believe that every home deserves to be beautiful, both inside and out. That's why we offer a wide range of designer options, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any space. Our selection includes everything from classic wood blinds to modern shutters, and each option is available in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated look or something more rustic, we're sure to have the perfect product for your needs. Plus, our team of experts is always on hand to help you choose the best window treatments for your home.

If aesthetics are your main focus when purchasing new window treatments for your home or business, we have the solution for you!

At Starlite Blinds & Shutters, we carry the most popular and stylish products in the market and will help you dress your windows according to your style.

Our recommendations.

We listed below the most popular window treatment styles in 2020 that will turn your home into a magazine-worthy home.

Designer Banded Shades:

Turn your home into a work of art.

Hunter Douglas' Designer Banded Shades will add style to any room in your home.

This modern and innovative window treatment combines alternating sheer and solid bands in a single shade and gives you full control of light and privacy.

Available in a wide variety of design options.

designer banded shades hunter douglas 1

Pirouette® Window Shadings:

Window with window treatment Pirouette window shadings

Transform the sun.

With its soft horizontal fabric vanes floating on a sheer backing, Pirouette® window shadings by Hunter Douglas will transform your home adding a warm glow while filtering out UV rays.

Available in a wide variety of design options.

Designer Roller Shades:

Versatile in style.

Whether you want to go for a minimalist style space or a more traditional setting with drapery panels, Designer Roller Shades will look equally beautiful.

Choose from over 400 fabric styles from sheer to opaque to find the perfect fabric to match your desired style.

dual roller shades office