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Shutters come in a variety of materials, but wood is by far the most popular option. Wooden shutters offer a number of advantages over their synthetic counterparts. First, they are more durable and withstand the elements better. Second, they are more aesthetically pleasing and can add value to your home. Third, they are easier to repair and maintain. Finally, wooden shutters offer better insulation, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you are looking for an attractive and functional window covering, wooden shutters are a great option.

What makes wooden shutters such a popular window treatment for homeowners across the United States? The answer is, there are several reasons why the window treatments are integral parts of many American home designs.

The most popular reason why wooden shutters are on the short list of the most popular window treatments is the variety of wood types.

Here are a few types of wooden shutter material options:

  • Alder wood shutters
  • Ash wood shutters
  • Cherry wood shutters
  • Maple wood shutters
  • Mahogany wood shutters
  • Oak wood shutters
  • Walnut shutters

Let’s take a closer look at other reasons to select wooden shutters.

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Wooden Shutters | Highly Durable Window Treatment

When you opt for wooden shutters, you can count the home accessory to be a permanent addition to your home. Whether you choose cedar shutters or knotty pine wood shutters, you can expect the window treatments to withstand the punishment handed out by rambunctious children, as well as the wrath of Mother Nature. Oak and walnut shutters are particularly rugged materials that resist impact damages.

Improved Visual Appeal

Authentic wood window treatments that include alder wood shutters and wormy chestnut shutters have been a favorite among American homeowners for years because of the enhanced aesthetic appeal of the window treatments.

You can stain or paint, wood any color to match the current décor the room where you plan to install the window treatments. Wood also allows you to etch decorative designs on the surface of the window treatments.

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Controls Light

With the ability to adjust the space between slats, you can hang wood shutters to block out as much of the sun as you want. Prevent the sun from disrupting a nap or open up the slats to invite sunshine into a room that needs a boost in energy.

Wooden shutters are also effective at controlling how much artificial light comes into a room.

Protection Against Harsh Weather Conditions

With an upscale look, you would think oak wood shutters and ash wood shutters would break the home improvement budget. However, wooden shutters deliver an upscale ambiance, while keeping you comfortable within your price range.

Since there are numerous types of wood options, you should be able to find wooden shutters that you can afford.

Open Up your Home

Since wooden shutters open and close by manipulating hinges, you are given quick access to the windows to open up your home on a beautiful day. Conversely, when a sudden downpour begins to dampen the day, you quickly close the window treatments by turning the hinges.

The hinges used to construct wooden shutters are treated to resist rust and corrosion.

Finally, when you purchase a set of high-quality wooden shutters from Starlite, you can expect to increase the value of your home.

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Even if you do not plan to sell your house shortly, adding a set of the window treatments will ensure your home remains competitively priced on the open market.

Do not shop for wooden shutters, without first consulting with a professional. We will make sure you choose the correct sized shutters or blinds in Houston to cover the windows in your home.

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