Also known as faux wood window treatments, poly shutters contain a solid polyurethane material that possesses the traits of authentic wood. Faux represents a French word that means imitation.

However, imitation is not a bad word for poly shutters, as imitation is truly a form of flattery. By looking like an authentic window treatment, while not costing as much as let’s say an oak shutter or a maple shutter, poly shutters have created an entirely new genre for window treatments.

Here is an overview of why many homeowners prefer poly shutters over authentic wood shutters:

  • Poly shutters are moisture resistant
  • Poly shutters are more reliable
  • Poly shutters help conserve more room energy
  • Poly shutters require less maintenance

Manufacturers have developed three different types of polyurethane shutters.

First, manufacturers use solid poly synthetic materials in the stiles, frames, top rails and bottom rails.

Second, you can find faux wood shutters that include an aluminum insert within the stiles and louvers. Finally, faux wood shutters can include wood inserts within the frames and the stiles.

Benefits of Installing Poly Shutters

We have briefly discussed why many homeowners prefer poly shutters over wood shutters. Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of installing poly shutters.

Easy Installation

Some window treatments are difficult to install because of several reasons ranging from excessive weight to multiple-step instructions that are not listed in a logical order.

Poly shutters are constructed with lightweight polyurethane, which makes the window treatments easy to lift over windows of all sizes. Faux wood shutters are also simple to mount. However, we recommend professional installation to avoid warranty issues.

Long-lasting Durability

Because of the susceptibility to harsh weather conditions, authentic wood shutters tend to last shorter periods than rugged poly shutters. Wood shutters need to be treated with special finishes and chemicals to retain their original appearances.

In contrast, poly shutters withstand frequent strong impacts to present an attractive appearance for years to come. Because of the use of composite materials, poly shutters resist the damage caused by warping.

Poly Shutters | Never Fade Away

Many types of window treatments lose their visual appeal over several years. Factors that cause some window treatments to fade in appearance include exposure to harsh UV light and the simple fact of life called time.

Prolonged exposure to constant sunlight can also cause some types of window treatments to fade. This is not the case for poly shutters, which can face the sun every day from dawn to dusk and never lose their visual appeal.

You can apply special treatments to real wood blinds, shades, and shutters, but even the application of special treatments will not withstand extended exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

Flexible Design Options

It does not take much to scratch, authentic wood. A simple toothpick can make an impression on many types of wood products. On the other hand, it would take a finely sharpen a knife to leave a mark on the surface of a polyurethane shutter.

Homeowners that have pets and children have to worry about how the active lifestyles will coexist with home accessories. Poly shutters take the worry out of one home accessory.

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