Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters add something very special to the room they get installed in. There are numerous of compelling reasons on why to go for shutters, such as: aesthetics, privacy, ventilation, durability, child safety, and the list keeps going on.

They are, without a doubt, within my top 5 window treatments (click this link to read a blog on my "Top 5 window treatments"). And yes, they are one of the most expensive window treatments you can find, but they are worth every penny all the time. I really recommend them to anyone.

shutters installed on kitchen windows

The brands that we use and we are well familiarized with are Hunter Douglas, Alta Window Fashions, Design Shutters, and The Window Outfitters. If there's another brand that makes you curious, let us know about them and we'll review them together; we'll help you learn everything about the warranties, the styles, operational systems, prices... pretty much everything there is to know about that brand.

We're sure we can offer you the best deals and service for your house transformation. Get a hold of us and let us know how we can help.

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