You have heard about the many benefits of installing exterior shutters in your home.

The home improvement accessories can enhance the visual appeal of your house, which can lead to an increase in the value of your home.

Some shutter styles are meant for outside which helps protect windows against the damage caused by Mother Nature, as well as the harm inflicted by strong impacts.

Also, shutters hanging outside of windows do a good job of covering large window areas, such as the windows span spaces on the side of a garage or across the front of the home.

Let’s continue with a short buying guide for exterior shutters.

Purpose: Functional or Decorative

First, you must decide whether the primary purpose of the window treatment is decorative or functional. As a functional purpose, some exterior shutters are installed to protect windows from harsh weather conditions, as well as prevent intruders from entering homes. Although modern window panes are designed and manufactured to withstand considerable abuse, hanging functional window treatments outdoors doubles the layer of protection.

If you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, then choosing a set of decorative exterior shutters will help you achieve your home improvement goal. You can opt for authentic wood window treatments to create a charming rustic ambiance or opt for faux wood exterior shutters that imitate the real deal, without you losing the aesthetic appeal.

Styles of Exterior Shutters

The next step in the buying process involves deciding on the style of exterior shutter that is the best match for your home.

Exterior Louver Shutters

As a timeless way to produce a welcoming look for your home, exterior louver shutters are designed with a long series of parallel slats that mimic plantation blinds installed inside of a home. Available in materials such as wood, vinyl, composite, and fiberglass, exterior louver shutters act as the ultimate protection against harsh weather elements. These window treatments also offer plenty of privacy to keep nosy neighbors at bay.

Exterior Raised Panel Shutters

With a bold decorative appearance, exterior raised panel shutters possess detailed depth to create a three dimensional type of appearance. When people walk by your home, they will see window treatments that appear to be much more forward than they really are projecting. Simple elegance also defines these shutters, as the window treatments are effective in complementing the elegant design of small ponds and large water fountains. Raised panel shutters typically are installed over first floor windows because of the security features provided by the window treatments.

Exterior Board and Batten Shutters

You might have heard the phrase “Batten down the hatches.” The phrase is uttered by seafarers in preparation for a violent storm at sea. No other style of window treatment does a better job of battening down the hatches than the job done by exterior board and batten shutters. Comprising vertical boards, this type of exterior shutter is also a sound choice for homeowners wanting to have the focus on their homes to be historical prominence.

Material Options for Exterior Shutters

We mentioned four types of material options for exterior shutters. Now let’s take a closer look at three of the material options.


As the most traditional material used to design and construct window treatments, authentic wood exudes traditional values. Sold natural or treated, real wood can be painted or stained to match the exterior décor of your home. Customized upgrades like an arched top and cut out sections of the window treatment add more value to the home accessory.


Low-cost vinyl works great for homeowners operating on shoestring home improvement budgets. The material is primarily used for functional purposes because it offers homeowners long-lasting durability. Vinyl withstands strong impacts like the pounding delivered by hail and baseballs.


Maintenance-free fiberglass compares favorably to the durability offered by vinyl, with the additional benefit of presenting a sleek appearance. Fiberglass is the perfect exterior shutter material for homeowners living in climates that experience a wide variety of temperatures and moisture levels.

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