Roman Shades in Houston

Roman shades are made from a single piece of fabric that hangs from a rod or cord. When raised, the fabric forms folds, or “pleats,” which give the shade its characteristic look. Roman shades are available in a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns, which makes them a versatile option for any décor. Roman shades can also be adapted to fit almost any window size or shape. In addition, Roman shades offer several practical benefits. They can help to block out light and noise, and they can also provide insulation against heat and cold. Roman shades are an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a stylish and functional window treatment solution.

If you follow sports on even the most casual level, you have probably heard an announcer mention the versatility of an athlete.

“He can play multiple positions in the field” and “She is capable of participating in three track and field events” are examples of the versatility references.

Well, Roman shades would get a mention from sports announcers for its high level of versatility.

It seems like Roman shades have been around since, you guessed it, the dominate Roman Era.

However, the longstanding appeal of the shades is just one reason to consider hanging the shades in any room inside of your home.

Overview of Roman Shades

Roman shades feature two distinct design options: soft drapes and crisp folds. Crisp folds can be the standard flat fold, the plain fold, the soft folds, or the European fold.

The look of the Roman shades is so elegant and cozy, homeowners can chose using a pull cord, continuous loop cord or motorization for lower and raise the fabric to get that nice look of Roman shades draping hanging on your windows.

Why you should consider hanging Roman Shades

With dozens of window coverings on the market, why should you choose to install this type of shades in your home? In addition to the versatility of the shades, here are a few of their benefits:

Elegant Appearance

You can use several terms to describe the look of Roman shades, such as elegant, exquisite, or stunningly beautiful. Whatever term you use to describe the appearance of the popular shades, you will hang a covering from every window that enhances the visual appeal of your home. Better yet, these shades come in a wide variety of designs, from a soft lining to a much more structured pattern.

Always Relevant

One of the primary concerns homeowners have for hanging blinds and shades involves making sure the appearance remains stylishly current for years to come. Unlike some other styles of shades, this type of shades continue to remain relevant throughout the time you live in your current home. We briefly discussed the long history of the shades and the reason for its long history is Roman shades have never gone out of style.

Easy to Customize

When you jump into the market for Roman shades, you will quickly realize that you have the option to customize the design of shades to match the décor of any room inside of your home. This is an especially important benefit for homeowners that like frequently transform the appearance of one or more rooms.

Easy to Control

Although many types of shades require you to possess Popeye like arm strength, Roman shades require just a little twist of the cord or cording mechanism to get the look you want.

Pull cord, continuous loop cording or motorization are much easier to manipulate, which is an important attribute for anyone suffering from arthritis in the hands and/or wrists.

Blocks Light

Known for the ability to improve privacy, the same privacy attributes for shades comes in handy when you want to keep sunlight and artificial light out of a room. If you need a darkened bedroom to enjoy a restful night of sleep, then Roman shades represent a great choice for hanging from every window.

Heat Retention

Anyone who lives in a colder climate will confirm that it requires resourcefulness to keep Old Man Winter at bay. Some models of Roman shades do an outstanding job of retaining heat, which gives you an affordable way to insulate your home.

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