Roller Shades

Roller shades, in our opinion, are the best window treatments you could get (they are my number one recommended window treatment - read my "Top 5 Best Window Treatments" blog here).

There are so many awesome styles of roller shades that anyone could get and transform their house/office/room. They also give your space a modern, elegant, easy, and relaxed feel (I can think of many other positive words to describe the roller shades effects on a room).

Besides having good styles and providing a nice feel, you can make them motorized and/or dual. If you decide to go motorized, you can have them roll up or down automatically at set times during the day to accommodate your daily routines. Going with dual roller shades you will have extreme privacy if you need it. And you may also add side channels to the shades achieve 100% room darkening.

We don't see any negative aspect of the roller shades.

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The brands that we use and we are well familiarized with are Hunter Douglas, Alta Window Fashions, Design Shutters, and The Window Outfitters. If there's another brand that makes you curious, let us know about them and we'll review them together; we'll help you learn everything about the warranties, the styles, operational systems, prices... pretty much everything there is to know about that brand.

We're sure we can offer you the best deals and service for your house transformation. Get a hold of us and let us know how we can help.

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