Honeycomb Shades in Houston

Honeycomb shades are a great option for window treatments because they are attractive, durable, and energy efficient. The honeycomb structure helps to insulate the room, trapping heat in the winter and keeping it cool in the summer. In addition, the shades are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any decor. They are also easy to operate, with options for cordless lift systems that are safe for children and pets. Honeycomb shades are an excellent choice for any room in the house.

According to a report released by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average home allows more than one-third of its heating and cooling energy to escape because of inferior doors and windows. Although replacing energy inefficient doors and windows appears to be the right option for homeowners, there is a much more affordable way to retain heating and cooling energy.

It is called installing honeycomb shades.

As a form of cellular blinds that are designed to be placed in front of a window, honeycomb blinds come in a wide variety of configurations that are largely based on the size of the individual cells.

The variety of configurations offer homeowners a wide range of interior décor possibilities. Instead of having to get other room accessories to blend in with a set of shades, you can purchase a set of honeycomb shades that blend flawlessly with the current décor of the room where you want to install the blinds.

Let’s review a few other reasons why the time is right to install honeycomb shades.

Honeycomb Shades, Effective Insulation

You can double the R-value of a window by investing in honeycomb shades. With long, open channels, a honeycomb shade produces an effective barrier that traps the heat generated from both natural and artificial sources. For example, let the sun shine inside of your home throughout the day, and then allow honeycomb shades to cover the windows at night to trap the natural heat generated by the sun.

More Privacy

They rank at the top of the list of shades that offer the most privacy. Install the top down, bottom up feature to give you the capability to lift the blinds to the top of a window and to the bottom of the window sill. If you live in an active neighborhood, adding honeycomb shades represents a great way to keep nosy neighbors wondering what is going on inside of your house.

You Control Illumination

They also give you the option to filter light throughout the day to ensure you receive the right amount of light for any occasion. You can allow abundant sunlight into your home to create a higher energy ambiance. After the guests leave, you can filter sunlight to produce a more subdued mood that allows you to unwind.

Clear View of the Neighborhood

Because of its cellular design, they provide homeowners with unobstructed views of what unfolds just outside of their homes. This is an especially important benefit for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids. It is also an excellent benefit to monitor the status of the mail carrier, as well as any expected deliveries.

Easy Cleaning

Have you ever grunted your way through a blinds cleaning project?

All you need is a little warm, soapy water and a clean dish towel to remove dirt and grime.

If you open the windows and pollen invades a room, you can quickly restore allergy order with a soft brush of a vacuum cleaner.

Noise Reduction

A bustling neighborhood might include a few nosy neighbors. When you shut a room full of honeycomb shades completely, you will feel like you have entered a room where musicians record music. This benefit is particularly useful if you live next to a loud neighbor.

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