Blackout Shades in Houston

When it comes to choosing window treatments, there are a lot of factors to consider. But if you're looking for a product that can effectively block out light, then blackout shades are a great option. Unlike traditional shades, which are made of fabric, blackout shades are typically made of a heavier material that doesn't allow any light to pass through. This makes them ideal for bedrooms or other rooms where you want to create complete darkness. In addition to their light-blocking properties, blackout shades can also help to reduce noise levels and provide privacy. So, if you're looking for a window treatment that can do it all, then blackout shades are worth considering.

The word “Blackout” conjures up images of entire large cities going dark because of a massive failure in the power grid. For homeowners that want a little privacy, “Blackout” is a positive word that is translated into “Peace of mind.”

Savvy homeowners understand the many advantages of hanging blackout shades.

The question is not whether you should hang a set of blackout coverings over windows in any room of your home. Instead, the question is should you hang blackout shades or curtains?

Difference between Blackout Shades & Curtains

Let us start the benefits of blackout shades conversation by first describing the primary differences between shades and curtains.

Shades are more than one layer of fabric, while curtains possess just one fabric layer.

For blackout window coverings, this is an important distinction because the more layers of fabric, the more effective blackout benefits are delivered. Multiple fabric layers also mean blackout shades will be thicker and thus heavier than blackout curtains.

Blackout Shades | Much more than Sun Blockers

Think of blackout shades as the powerful barrier separating your home from noisy neighbors and conniving burglars. The shades deliver an unsurpassed level of privacy that gives homeowners peace of mind.

When you leave your home at night, you can leave the lights on because the shades prevent everyone from looking into your home. Here are some other advantages of hanging blackout shades.

Less Light, Better Sleep

Although the focus is often placed on preventing harmful UV rays from entering a home, shades designed to block out the sun prevent both natural and artificial light from gaining access to one or more rooms.

This is an important benefit for homeowners that have trouble sleeping because of the bright illumination coming from several street lights. Lower a set of blackout shades in the master bedroom and enjoy sleeping in a completely darkened room.

Protection for People & Furniture

By reducing or in some cases 100% preventing sunlight from entering a home, shades designed to block out the sun decreases the risk of harmful UV rays causing bodily damage. Lower levels of sunlight also help preserve the appearance and functionality of your furniture. Even synthetic floor materials benefit from a reduction of sunlight

Blackout Shades | Noise Reduction

Blackout shades act as a barrier for noises as well. If you live next to a family that includes boisterous kids or your home is directly in line with the loud music played by a neighbor, shades manufactured to keep out the sun also keep out loud sounds.

Homeowners that have created media rooms will immediately notice how these shades enhance the quality of the audio coming from a home stereo system and or the big-screen television.

Energy Efficiency

Houston might be considered a city located in a tropical climate, but the large metropolis experiences at least a couple of months of cooler weather each year.

When the temperatures dip, blackout shades do a great job of retaining heat. This means you spend less money on heating your home.

The shades also help homeowners lower thermostat settings by preventing the sun’s heat from ramping up the interior temperature.

In many ways, installing this type of shades is a similar process for installing other types of shades. However, to maximize the room darkening properties offered by blackout shades, you should measure each window at least two inches beyond the window frame of each side. Adding rods that wrap around shades to the wall is another way to ensure 100% light blockage.

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