Coronavirus Safety Precautions

We take coronavirus safety precautions very seriously. The first thing that we keep in my mind is our clients' and our safety.

Here we describe the safety precautions that we follow every time we meet with our clients:

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We will come to see you with a face mask on, and we would very much appreciate if you wore one too during our appointment.


After showing sample books, we take them back, clean them, and disinfect them thoroughly. We assure you our sample books will be clean.

washing hands

Also, after every appointment with clients and being at their house, we fully wash our hands and fully disinfect them to avoid spreading the virus.

We are happy to come and meet you, and help you with your decision on your window treatment selection. We would very much appreciate that, if you haven't been feeling OK or you have been anywhere close to somebody that is known to be infected with the virus, please let us know so we can reschedule our appointment.