Mulling over whether to hang plantation can be overwhelming. However, when you work with the team of home improvement professionals at Starlite, the process becomes much easier to navigate.

Let us define what makes a blind plantation, before giving you several compelling reasons to install this style of window accessory.

Overview of the Plantation Style

Commonly constructed with wood, faux wood, or a composite material, plantation blinds represent a rock-solid type of protection for any window in your home.

Notice we use the word “protection,” as this type of blind is more about functionality than it is about aesthetics.

Designed within a sturdy frame, the blinds contain vertical stiles, adjustable slats referred to as louvers, and horizontal rails that withstand strong impacts.

You adjust plantation blinds by turning the tilt rod, which determines the amount of natural and artificial light you want to let into a room.

Why you should consider Plantation Blinds

When a Starlite customer service professional meets with you, the first thing he or she will do is to describe how plantation blinds can be the right blind choice for your home. Here is a summary of what you can expect to hear from one of our plantation blinds experts.

You control illumination

Perhaps the greatest benefit of installing blinds of the plantation-style is the blinds give you complete control on the amount of natural and artificial light you want to let into a room. Powerful ultraviolet rays can do much more damage than harm the skin.

The sun’s rays can quickly cause furniture to fade or worse, to deteriorate completely into an eyesore. Plantation blinds give you 100% control over how much sunlight you want entering a room. Besides, you can block out bothersome street lights at night to give you the perfect ambiance for a good night’s sleep.

Better Energy Usage

You will hear about several ways to keep the hot air outside in summer and the hot air inside in winter. Unfortunately, most of the time, optimizing energy efficiency requires taking a large chunk out of the home improvement budget.

With blinds of the plantation-style, you can maximize energy efficiency, without having to divert money from other home renovation projects. Look at plantation blinds as a quick and an affordable way to add insulation, without actually having to add real insulation.

Bolster Home Security

Before a thief decides to enter a home, he or she looks the home over carefully to learn about security vulnerabilities. By installing plantation blinds, you will keep thieves guessing as to what obstacles lie in their path. Blinds also give you ultimate privacy. Simply turn the tilt rod to close to prevent nosy neighbors from looking inside of any room in your house.

Boost in Home Value

The blinds do not get the credit they deserve for increasing the value of homes. Blinds of the plantation-style boost the value of the home because the blinds allow you to control the amount of light let into a room, as well as optimize energy usage and enhance the security of your house.

The percentage return on your investment will be one of the highest returns you get for any home improvement project.

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