Venetian Blinds in Houston

Venetian blinds are window blinds that consist of slats, which can be adjusted to control the amount of light that enters a room. The slats are made of a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and plastic. Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of colors and styles. They can be further customized with the addition of tassels or other decorations. Venetian blinds are easy to operate and can be raised or lowered as needed. When closed, they provide privacy and block out light completely. When opened, they allow light to enter the room and provide a view of the outside. Venetian blinds are an attractive and versatile option for window treatments

When you think of Venice, you probably conjure up images of romantic boat cruises through the heart of the beautiful city.

Well, there is another reason to invoke the beauty of Venice and it involves hanging a special type of blind.

Welcome to the stunning beauty of Venetian Blinds in Houston.

Overview of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds  present a unique appearance that will transform any room into a room your guests will remember for all the right design reasons. The blinds are designed with flat, horizontally positioned slats that can be manufactured with either wood or aluminum.

Specially created ladder cords ensure the slats maintain even spaces at consistent intervals running up and down Venetian blinds. You can easily raise and lower the slats, with the capability to tilt the slats for a variety of reasons.

More about Venetian Blind Slats

Venetian blind slats come in several different widths, from as small as 15 millimeters to as large as 65 millimeters. Aluminum slats have a smaller number of width options to choose from than the width options offered by more versatile wooden slats.

The size of the slats selected is often simply a personal decision. However, you can receive expert advice from one of our experienced home improvement experts to determine the optimal slat width size for the room you want to hang your blinds.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

In addition to the ease of which you can raise and lower these blinds, several other benefits make the blinds ideal for installing in any room. First, a wide variety of styles and colors allow you to mix and match Venetian blinds with every room.

For example, you can hang wooden these blinds in the family study that is adorned with varnished wooden bookcases. In the family entertainment room, aluminum Venetian blinds blend flawlessly with a sleek metal constructed electronic devices.

Venetian blinds also give you full control over the amount of natural and artificial light you let into a room. For a bedroom, you can opt for thicker width slats to prevent street lights at night from diminishing the quality of your sleep. When daytime arrives, you can open thin width Venetian blind slats to produce a natural glow that increases the energy level of the living room.

This type of blinds also delivers eco-friendly benefits by providing insulation against cold outside air. This allows you to lower the thermostat and hence, reduce your carbon footprint.

Performance in Humid Environments

One word advice about Venetian blinds: Despite some thoughts to the contrary, these blinds maintain structural integrity and stunningly beautiful appearances when they are installed in moist conditions, such as in a bathroom or the kitchen.

Both wooden and aluminum slats are easy to wipe, which ensures you can maintain dry slat surfaces even if Venetian blinds are exposed to prolonged humid environments.

The key is stick to a regular cleaning routine, which should be every few days for Venetian blinds installed in bathrooms and kitchens.

Because of their water resistance, Venetian blinds are perfect for hanging in kitchens and bathroom. Privacy and light control make the blinds the right choice for bathrooms, where first thing in the morning you want to bathe or shower without having to worry about someone looking in to the bathroom.

Venetian blinds in the kitchen give you the most control over the amount of both natural and artificial light.

Transform an ordinary looking room into the design star of your home by hanging Venetian blinds in Houston. Contact one of the home improvement specialist at Starlite to learn more about the highly versatile blinds. You can reach us online or by calling our office at 823-472-6613.

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