Whenever you hear the word “Faux,” you probably think of terms like “poor quality,” “not authentic,” or “cheap rip off.” However, in the world of blinds and drapes, faux blinds deliver a performance that often exceeds the real thing.

Typically designed with vinyl, faux wood blinds have become the blinds of choice for a rapidly growing number of homeowners.

Why have these blinds become a huge hit among homeowners?

Let us count the ways.

Benefits of Faux Blinds

Let us start with cost. This type of blinds are ideal additions for homeowners that operate on air tight home improvement budgets. The blinds cost a fraction of what you can expect to pay for real wood blinds. This allows you to decorate more windows at the same cost of decorating fewer windows that are covered by wood blinds.

Not rotten to the core

What is the number one problem of anything made with wood? That is correct: Wood is highly susceptible to moisture damage. Wet wood tends to rot, warp, and expand over time when exposed to moisture. With wood blinds covering windows, there exists the possibility that a burst of rain can damage the blinds. Faux wood blinds are water resistant, which makes the blinds perfect for adding in a home that is located in a humid climate.

Faux Blinds, Rugged Durability

It is not moisture resistance that bolsters the durability of these blinds. The mostly or all vinyl blinds absorb the punishment that is doled out in active homes. If you have children and they like to play indoors, then installing faux wood blinds is a good choice to prevent your blinds from receiving impact damage. They can last for decades, if the blinds are properly cleaned and maintained.

Talking about Cleaning

Imagine how easy you can wipe the blinds clean by using a warm, damp towel. Since faux blinds are water resistant, there is no such thing as too much water for the rugged home accessories.

Wide variety of Colors

Are you concerned you will not find a style and a color of blinds that mix well with a room design? Well, the solution is to consider hanging faux wood blinds. With dozens of color options, you can find the perfect design to blend seamlessly with any room décor. Design flexibility allows you to move around faux blinds to different rooms inside of your home.


Although real wood on the surface appears to be more eco-friendly than faux wood blinds, the fact remains you contribute more to the environment by going with 100% vinyl blinds.

The reason for this is there will be fewer trees cut down to meet the demand for wood blinds.

You can also buy recycled vinyl blinds to ensure enhanced environmental sustainability.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

These blinds get an undeserved reputation for inferior appearance. Even with 100% vinyl blinds, you can capture the visual appeal of authentic wood. In fact, it would take an accomplished home improvement expert to notice the difference between faux wood blinds and real wood blinds. With improved visual appeal, you will enjoy an increase in the value of your home.

These blinds work perfectly well on any type of window, but you have to consider the size of the slats that will inevitably determine the design of the blinds. A member from our team of blinds and shades customer service professionals will guide you towards making the right decision on the purchase of a set of affordable faux blinds. You can opt for a cordless set of faux blinds or order faux wood blinds that come with cutouts and/or valances.

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