Also referred to as honeycomb blinds, cellular blinds have morphed into one of the most coveted types of blinds by both homeowners and business operators.

This blinds combine compelling aesthetic appeal with a high level of functionality to make the blinds perfect for homeowners and business operators that want an incredible degree of design flexibility.

Before you rush over to Starlite to purchase a set of cellular blinds, you should first read about the many benefits that raise the standard for blinds and shade designs.

Cellular Blinds absorb sounds

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids or the next-door neighbor does not understand the meaning of “low volume,” then hanging a set of cellular blinds on every window in your home is an effective way to enjoy the sound of silence.

Because of its unique design, a cellular blind constructed with double cells produces a superior sound absorption capability. If you are someone that likes to crank up the tunes, then cellular blinds will ensure your neighbors do not become unhappy with your presence in the neighborhood.

Décor Flexibility

Why try to match the décor of your home to the blinds you plan to hang in every room when you can customize the appearance of cellular blinds to blend in seamlessly with the current design of your humble abode. At Starlite, we accept customized orders for blinds, after we consult with customers to learn more about how the interior of their homes look.

Better Energy Efficiency

Summer in greater Houston can turn into sweltering madness, as the Gulf of Mexico acts as a nonstop conveyor belt for high humidity levels. Cellular blinds go a great job of keeping steamy Houston afternoons where they belong: On the outside looking in.

In addition, cellular blinds are effective insulators whenever the Houston weather turns briefly chilly.

Cellular Blinds are moisture resistant

The high humidity levels in Houston can cause condensation to form on windows, particularly in early morning and around dusk. Cellular blinds possess incredible moisture-resistant properties, which means that even if you forget to close a window before a storm approaches, also, these blinds will prevent the rain from damaging the area of your home located next to the blinds.

Light Filtering

When the sun shines in Houston, it does so with a bright glare that can be a bit uncomfortable for the eyes. By installing this type of blinds, you create an optimal light-filtering performance to maintain your preferred level of illumination.

The blinds act as an effective blackout accessory at night to prevent street lights from making you toss and turn in bed.

Perhaps the most important reason to buy a set of blinds comes down to the almighty dollar.

Because of incredible functionality and an attractive design, installing a set of cellular blinds should increase the value of your home.

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