You might have heard that blackout blinds have become more popular than Roman blinds.

Even though roman blinds play second fiddle in terms of publicity, the fact remains the blinds are a huge hit among homeowners from all over the United States.

Let us go over some of the benefits offered by hanging blinds that Present the roman style motif.

Roman Blinds | The Price is Right

When the time comes to plan a home improvement project, you will have to create a budget that in many cases leaves little financial wriggle room. You will probably have to cross off a task on your list that is too costly to perform. Think about the costs associated with installing an expensive natural stone countertop.

One of the greatest benefits of hanging Roman-themed shades is the blinds are a highly affordable home improvement accessory.

Unsurpassed Functionality

Blackout blinds are designed and manufactured for one thing: To keep out natural and artificial lights. Roman blinds not only do a great job of keeping your bedroom dark, but the blinds also deliver a longer than average lifespan for blinds and shades.

This means you can hang the blinds in the highest traffic area of your home and not have to worry about the blinds succumbing to the damage caused by strong impacts.

Enhanced Ambiance

As opposed to hanging ordinary blinds or shades, Roman blinds present a unique design that blends in seamlessly with most types of room decors. The versatility of style also means an enhanced ambiance that can transform a living room into the epicenter for entertaining guests. While other types of blinds and shades come and go in style, roman blinds will be around for decades to come.

Customize to your Design Preference

When you perform a home improvement project, you want to be the one who makes all of the décor decisions. The last thing you want is for a manufacturer to explain you have only one style option for adding an accessory. With blinds in the roman style, every design decision is made by you, as the blinds are easy to customize to accommodate all home décor choices.


Let us assume that one day, you decide to replace your customized roman blinds with a new set of blinds that match changing room decors. You do not have to discard the old blinds by the curb.

These blinds can be recycled for use as other types of materials used to refurbish homes. If you are talented at sewing, you can reuse your blind materials for other home décor purposes.

How to choose a Fabric for your Roman Blinds

Now that we know about the numerous benefits of installing blinds of the Roman style, the time has come to learn about the fabrics used to design the stylish blinds. You have a wide variety of print and color options for the blinds, with bold prints and striped colors representing two of the most popular styles.

Linen fabrics work well with this type of blinds hung in high traffic areas of the home. For entertaining guests, cotton fabrics offer a stain-resistant feature that keeps the blinds in mint condition.

Thicker fabrics offer uncompromising durability, but the pleats will not be as noticeable as the pleats that are readily apparent on thinner fabrics.

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