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Automatic blinds are blinds that can be opened and closed automatically. Motorized blinds are blinds that are opened and closed by a motor. Automatic blinds are controlled by a switch, while motorized blinds are controlled by a remote control. There are many benefits to using automatic and motorized blinds. For one, they eliminate the need to manually open and close blinds, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, they can be programmed to open and close at specific times of the day, which can help to regulate temperature and light levels in a room. Lastly, they can add a touch of luxury to a home or office. Automatic and motorized blinds are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit any décor.

Do you remember the sensation that became the buzz of the country called Clap On, Claps Off lights? By remotely performing a task, you could turn on and turn off any light source activated by the groundbreaking system. Of course, remotely meant standing just a few feet away from a light source.

Decades later, we have another remotely activated home accessory that has become the buzz of the home improvement industry.

It is called a decorative accessory known as motorized blinds.

Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Does your home have a tall window that makes it virtually impossible to raise and lower a blind? Do you have a window located in an area that requires the expertise of an accomplished mountain climber to access? The answer to reach tough access windows is hanging one of the many styles of motorized blinds.

Here are a few other reasons why motorized blinds are popular home accessories.


The convenience for motor-operated blinds is about much more than just being able to activate blinds hanging from tough to access windows. It is also about having the capability to push a button on a remote control device. Talk about convenience!

Ergonomically Friendly

When you have to use a cord to raise or lower a blind, you run the risk of hurting yourself. From wrenching your back to straining a wrist or a forearm, traditional blinds present several ergonomic issues. That is not the case with motorized blinds, which allow you to operate a remote control device several feet away from a blind.

Energy Efficiency

By connecting an motorized blind to the main hub operating a smart home system, you can control the amount of energy your home heating and cooling system uses.

The result is optimized energy consumption, which in turn provides an eco-friendly benefit of installing blinds operating on a motor. This is an important benefit when you want to monitor energy consumption during business trips or family vacations.

Automatic Blinds | Improved Home Safety

Parents rejoice at the thought of hanging automatic blinds because the blinds make their homes much safer. Dangerous cords dangling from a blind, create a dangerous environment for children, particularly young children that have powerfully curious minds.

Blind cords can become entangled around a child, which can lead to a serious choking incident. You can even wire an automatic blind to the home smoke alarm system to alert you if one of the blinds catches fire.

Home Security at its finest

Think about what a burglar thinks when he or she sees a blind inside of a home rise or lower. The thought is “Someone is home. Let’s look elsewhere for stuff to steal.” By adding automatic blinds, you can create the illusion that you and your family are home, even if you are hundreds of miles away on vacation.

Lower Homeowner´s Insurance Premium

What do enhanced safety and added security mean for your homeowner’s insurance policy? It means any reputable home insurance company will reward customers with reduced premiums for installing motorized blinds.

You also might be able to recover the costs of automatic blinds through state and/or federal tax breaks awarded for promoting a more energy-efficient home.

Shopping for motorized blinds requires you to consult with a home improvement expert who will recommend the best option for your home. The highly-rated customer service professionals at Starlite make it appoint to answer every question asked by our customers.

We make sure to make our customers feel comfortable using a technology that will quickly change because of innovations introduced over the next few years.

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