Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are cool in their own way. There is variety in their styles, they completely block the light from the outside, they are pretty durable, they are very affordable... the list goes on.

Yes, they are not the most popular window treatment, but if chosen correctly they really bring out the room they get installed in.

They are found in a wide array of colors, slat sizes, and finishes. If aluminum blinds are the window treatments of your choice, then I am 100% sure you will be able to find the right style.

I have so many options to show you; just give me a call or send a contact form so we can set up a time so we can meet so I can show you all the options available for aluminum blinds.


The brands that I use and I am well familiarized with are Hunter Douglas, Timber Blinds and The Window Outfitters; I also know other brands like Norman, and a few others, and if there's another brand that makes you curious, let me know of them and we'll take a look together. I'm sure I can offer you the best deals for your house transformation.

Aluminum Blinds Gallery

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